Lorenzo Paoli  is a Production Designer  and  Art Director for Animated Feature  Films.

His carrer started with the Walt Disney Company Italy , where he attended the Disney Academy in Milan and with a scholarship for an exchange program to attend the courses at the Minneapoli College of Art and Design , Minesota , U.S.A. . With over 19  years of  professional experiences in Animated Feature Films , he can handles different aspects such as: Production Designer , Art Direction, Visual Development, Color beat Board, Color script, Color Keys, Asset Tech Design, Asset Tech.Surfacing Callouts, 2d Matte Painting and 2d Backgrounds.



In his carrer, Lorenzo have collaborated on Several Animated Feature projects as Visual Development Artist for  Studios such as : Pointy Hat Production-Disney Touchstone"Gnomeo and Juliet" ,Fish Blowing Bubble for Studio 100"Maya the bee Movie", Universal Pictures" The tale of Despereaux", Lucasfilm Animation-Skywalker Ranch CA, US,A "Strange Magic" , Marza Animation Planet "RoboDog". As Production Designer for Red Dragon Media in Beijin and as Art Director for  Boulder Media for Hasbro on the new Feature "My little pony G5" -Netflix









-Visual Development

-Conceptual Art paintings

-Style Guide

-Color Beat Board

-Color script

-Supervision of the Art Department

-Feedbacks and paint overs Notes for Modelling, Matte Paintings, Lighting and Surfacing departments.

-Color keys

-Tech Props Design

-Surf. Callouts.







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Winner of the Pitch me Italia with "the Tea Team" 52x13', as best new project for   animated TV series , at the Cartoons on   the Bay Festival 2005 , by Rai Fiction.




Winner of the Pitch me Italia with the project " Giro Giro Tondo " later " Round Around the World " 24x5', as best new Tv  animated series , at the Cartoons on   the Bay Festival 2008 , by Rai Fiction.



 International Painting Awards of Tokyo, by Centro Diffusione Arte.